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A selection of informational guides and pages to help you.

Below you will find a selection of guides and informational pages designed to help you in your choice of jeans, clothing, footwear and accessories.

Jeans Style Glossary

A fantastic guide to all of the current and historical jeans styles with our Jeans Style Glossary. Packed with information!

Footwear Terminology

A guide to the Footwear Terminology used in our website. Find out about all of the tech you have on your feet!

History of Jeans

A comprehensive  Guide to the History of Jeans,  detailing the technological innovations that go into the jeans we all know and love today.

Denim Jeans Style Trends

A look at the  Influences of the Styles of Jeans  we all know and love today, with examples of where modern day jeans styles come from.

How Often Should You Wash Your Jeans?

It's a pretty hot topic, with even Levi Strauss's CEO stating that he hasn't washed his jeans for a year! Here is our guide to  How often should you wash your jeans!

Recycling Jeans

Once your jeans reach the end of their life, what can you do next?  Recycling and Upcycling Denim Jeans  explores some ideas you can use to get maximum usage from your old denim jeans, so you can be kinder to the Planet!

Should Older People Wear Jeans?

Of course they should! Read our take on some of the crazy forum posts going round, in which people are asking  if anyone over a certain age should still be wearing jeans.

How Are Jeans Made?

Read our article charting out  how your favourite jeans are made.

The Great Fashion Divide

As the population of the UK gets fatter, will the current sizing policies of jeans manufacturers stay or will we all be wearing baggy jeans? Find out in our article about  The Great Jeans Divide.

Jeans VS Mobile Phones

It's the latest and greatest debate! Which will win out, jeans design or mobile phone design. The two don't really fit together too well at the moment with the increasing size of phones, so take a read of our  Jeans VS Mobile Phones  post to see where Jeans and Mobile trends are going and to see who the likely winner will be!

How to Choose Skate Shoes

A good pair of skate shoes can make a massive difference to your riding, but even if you don't skateboard, getting the right style can be a little tricky. Take a look at our  guide to getting the right skate shoe  before you decide on your purchase!

Super Skinny Jeans

The craze for  Super Skinny Jeans  doesn't look like it's going to leave us anytime soon. Read our article all about the skinny craze!

Denim Day

Denim Day will be upon us again in April. Read all about this protest day  here,  where Women all over the globe show their defiance.

RFID Protection Jeans Technology

Data theft is on the rise with the mass roll-out of RFID chips on debit and credit cards. Learn here all about  RFID data theft and jeans  which have been designed to protect against it.

Jogging Jeans

For those who take their fitness as seriously as their fashion, the latest trend appears to be  Jogger Jeans!  A fusion of the jeans we all now and love and jogging bottoms. Read all about it here!

Adam Lambert

Read all about those fabulous  jeans Adam Lambert wears  on stage with Queen. Totally over the top fashion. We love it!

Flares are Back in Town

Flares are back for another go, but are they one fashion mistake too far? Find out in our guide to the new  trend for flared jeans in 2015 

The Painted Jeans Trend

Read all about the  latest trend for painted jeans  and how you can re-create the celebrity look with a pair of jeans from Jeanstore and a few pots of paint!

Breaking in Denim

A  comprehensive guide to breaking in raw denim.  Full of interesting information, this is a great guide for those embarking on this long process!

Embroidered Jeans

An article all about  the trend for embroidered jeans

What are Selvedge Jeans

Read our article all about  Selvedge Jeans  and why you need some of these for your wardrobe!

How to Wax Jeans

A great article all about  how and why to wax your jeans  with videos! Enjoy!

Digging for Denim

Vintage denim jeans are the new Gold! Read this interesting article about  the trend for digging up old denim jeans  and why some people pay big money for them.

Denim as Art

Can you really  compare vintage denim to art?  Read this article and decide for yourself!

Wrangler and Celebrities

An insightful article about the  celebrities who have been linked with Wrangler jeans over the years.

Should you wear Jeans to Work?

It's an old debate but a good one!  Should you wear jeans to work  or is this form of dress just too casual? I guess it depends on who your employer is!

Should Politicians Wear Jeans?

It seems most of the Western World is getting more casual! Read this article  discussing whether or not politicians should wear jeans  or not!

The 'Double Denim' Debate

It's a contentious one!  Should you or shouldn't you wear double denim?  Read our article and find out!

The Psychology of Colour

The colour you choose to wear says a lot about you as a person. Read our guide to  the Psychology of Colour  and why you should think about your colour choices!

Are Skinny Jeans Dangerous?

With all of the publicity  about the bad effects of skinny jeans  in the press, you'd be forgiven for thinking that your favourite pair of jeans could kill you. Read our article and find out why you don't need to be scared!

Stain Repelling Jeans

Stain repelling clothing has been talked about since the 1950's, but it's only now that it's started to appear. Read here about the latest efforts including the latest line of  stain repelling jeans  you may be able to buy soon!

The Art of Destruction

With distressed jeans commanding big prices,  Levis® has come up with a way to create distressed denim  without all of the environmentally damaging effects! Read our post all about it!

Smart Jeans which can tell your weight

Read our article about smart fabrics which soon could be powering your smartphone and  telling you if you have put on weight  or not!

Levis® 501's Through The Ages

A great article exploring the  history and future of the fabulous Levis 501 range!

Levi Strauss Water < Less™ Technology

Our article about Levi Strauss's latest technological innovation has big implications for the Planet! We walk you through the  recently released Water < Less™ technology  and show you how it can help save water!

The Art of Destroying Jeans!

Think that making distressed jeans is easy? Think again! We tell you about how  Levi Strauss make environmentally aware distressed jeans

Jeans Capital of the World?

Is Greensboro' the jeans capital of the World?  Wrangler certainly think so! Read our article and find out for yourself.

New Denim Trends for 2016

Read all about  the latest denim trends for 2016  in our latest piece!

The 'Long Jeans' Twitter Storm

The latest ASOS jeans are causing a storm in more ways than one.  Read about the super-long scrunch jeans trend here

Albert Einstein's Levi Strauss Jacket

With the recent acquisition of  Albert Einstein's Levi Strauss jacket  by Levi Strauss, we discuss the connection between Levi's® and Genius!

Jeans from T-Shirts?

Denim production takes a lot of water, so is there a way to cut the environmental impact of production? Levi Strauss certainly think so!  Read about making denim from scrap cotton  in our latest guide.

How to Fold Jeans

In our latest article, we discuss  if you really have to waste time learning how to properly fold jeans  or will a hanger do?

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