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Big John XXXX-Extra XX001 Regular ... Big John XXXX-Extra XX001 Regular Straight Mens Jeans

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Let's find your perfect fit

Free delivery over £ 100 | Free UK exchanges

Big John XXXX-Extra XX001 Regular Straight Mens Jeans

Colour : 15.8oz Unsanforized Selvedge Denim

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Let's find your perfect fit

Free delivery over £ 100 | Free UK exchanges

Free delivery over £ 100 | Free UK exchanges


A piece for denim connoisseurs, made with pure Japanese craftsmanship.

Please note, this is a raw/unwashed denim and will shrink after washing. Please refer to the size guide for before/after measurements.

Authentic premium rope-dyed indigo denim
Wider straight leg
Authentic regular fit
Button fly
A handfeel that is not too tough despite the 15.8oz weight
36.5" inseam RAW / 34" inseam after wash

"XXXX-EXTRA" was born by concentrating the techniques of Japanese craftsmen to create the world's best jean.
"XXXX-EXTRA". Was born in Japan.

Style color: 000 Rigid (raw)  
Silhouette: Straight  
Rise depth: Slightly deep  
Front: Button fly
Pocket hidden rivet  
Indigo selvedge Jacquard pocket cloth
Iron donut button (BIG JOHN ★ 1940 ★)  
Copper rivet ( BIG JOHN engraved)  
Leather patch - Original Nume Cowhide    

Material - 15.8oz natural indigo selvedge denim ( 100 % cotton )  

A blend of 5 types of organic cotton from 5 continents:

1. Turkey Organic from Turkey on the European continent  
2. Aspero Organic from Peru on the South American Continent
3. Supima Organic from Texas on the North American Continent
4. Indian Organic from India on the Asian Continent  
5. Tanzania Organic from Tanzania on the African Continent Plus Recycled Organic (OCS Certified) ) 5% blend  

Original structure yarn (uneven yarn) - Taisho Spinning Co., Ltd.  
100% natural indigo dyed 16 times with genuine indigo rope (first attempt by Sakamoto denim) Sakamoto Denim Co., Ltd.  
Old-fashioned power loom Low-tension weaving
Selvedge raw machine Denim original indigo ears (using the same indigo thread as the product) Shinya Co., Ltd.  

Made in Japan

Precautions:  Washing may cause shrinkage, twisting, discoloration, and colour transfer. The dimensions after shrinking will change depending on the environment.

Avoid tumble drying
Before washing, please check the quality label on the product tag
Do not use chlorine bleach

Few people know, but the pentagon of BIG JOHN 's symbol "Baseball Mark" has the meaning of "disseminating jeans that people will love and love to the five continents of the world." In connection with this pentagon, Big John have collected carefully selected organic cotton from five continents around the world and created a special weaving yarn with their own blend.  

25% of the European continent (Turkish cotton from Turkey)  - Long cotton, supple and smooth, with luster and elasticity

South America 50% (Aspero cotton from Peru) - Thick fibres with excellent elasticity and hygroscopicity  

North America 10% (Texas Supima Cotton) - Ultra-long cotton with beautiful silky luster and high strength  

Asian Continent 5% ( Indian cotton from India) - Fine, delicate long cotton with oil and luster.  

Africa Continent 5% ( Tanzania cotton from Tanzania ) --High strength with moderate elasticity and swelling feeling  

In addition to the cotton from 5 continents collected by BIG JOHN, a small amount of recycled cotton (5%) is also used to give a vintage texture. The unique blend of cotton has become a unique raw material that is both durable and comfortable to wear. * OCS certification  

Natural uneven thread that cannot be produced by design. The twist is reduced to the limit and the natural unevenness of vintage denim is thoroughly pursued. The denim has a fluffy, supple and rough texture. In modern times, the technology of vintage fabrics has advanced, and it has become possible to create unevenness in design, but with the cooperation of Taisho Spinning Co., Ltd., Big John aimed for a natural texture that cannot be expressed by programming in "5 Continent Organic Denim" .  

Being crafters of genuine indigo and rope dyeing, Big John are particular about the indigo colour of genuine indigo (natural indigo) and pursue the deep indigo colour that nature has. Since this indigo does not have a high concentration like synthetic indigo immediately, it is dyed many times until it reaches a convincing indigo. As a result, the deep indigo color that was sought was completed by performing rope dyeing 16 times. It took more than three times as much time and effort as usual to improve the degree of perfection.  Focusing on the discoloration of beautiful jeans, it must be rope dyeing that leaves the center of the thread white while producing a dark colour.  

Made on a vintage loom with a daily production of only a dozen metres. Using a shuttle loom from the early Showa period, which is rare in existence, weaving is done slowly without giving tension to the warp and weft threads to the utmost limit. It is a heavy fabric - 15.8 ounces, but over time, it will be finished with a fluffy texture with a unique unevenness on the surface.  Using high-quality materials that are unparalleled in the world, inefficient but generously time-consuming handmade feeling, warm and beautiful materials. EXTRA - A special original denim.   The copper rivet closure gives a sophisticated finish.

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What Is Selvedge Denim?

Originally the denim cloth used to make jeans was produced on shuttle looms. These produced a tightly woven cloth by passing a continuous thread backwards and forwards. The resulting fabric was narrow and had finished edges or self-edges, hence the term selvedge. This fabric was relatively costly and slow to produce as were the jeans fashioned from it. When the demand for jeans rose dramatically in the latter half of the 20th century production methods were inevitably altered to create cheaper fabrics that could be produced in higher volumes. Shuttle looms were abandoned in favour of projectile looms which were quicker, which produced wider cloth and which did not use continuous threads. Denim now had unfinished edges with a frayed appearance.

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Selvedge Denim Care

Here at JEANSTORE we have a few tips on how you can keep your selvedge denim looking its best - by following these simple instructions you can ensure your jeans last longer, retain their shape and colour, and reduce your environmental impact too.

  • First and foremost, always follow the care instructions on the inside label of your jeans. Different jeans will have different recommendations, and these can vary depending on the nature of the fabric and the dye, amongst other things.

  • To soak or not to soak? It's personal preference, but with raw/unwashed/rigid denim there will be a lot of dye on the fabric that will bleed at first. You can soak your jeans inside out in warm water for 2 hours and hang dry before first wash to get rid of some of the dye, and make them feel less stiff/starchy. Others just put them straight on and don't care if their legs and shoes end up blue!

  • 'Breaking them in'. Two things to consider - is the denim raw or pre-washed? If washed, there won't be much 'breaking in' - that bit has been done for you.
    For raw and rigid denim, the general consensus is to wear the jeans for as long as possible before the first wash. Nudie Jeans Co. recommends wearing your raw denim for 6 months without washing. It's not compulsory, but the longer you wear them, the better they'll fit, and the better they'll fade.
    Secondly, is the denim sanforized (pre-shrunk) or unsanforized (shrink-to-fit)? Most selvedge denim we stock - even if raw/rigid - will be pre-shrunk to eliminate unexpected sizing changes. This means you can generally trust the size guide. If buying unsanforized denim, there's always an element of risk, so please ensure you follow the size guide and the washing instructions carefully! With shrink-to-fit jeans, they really can become the best denim you've ever owned as they mould to your body shape. You'll also get the most natural fades.

  • Try and wash your jeans once every 10 wears at most. Sometimes this just isn't possible, but it's a good guide to follow. Every wash puts strain on the fibres and 'wears' them, so the less you wash your jeans, the longer they'll last. We always recommend hand-washing selvedge denim.

  • Always wash your jeans inside out. This reduces dye/colour loss. If using a washing machine, keep the load minimal - if your jeans are too creased, the dye may fade more heavily along creases, causing streaky lines on your jeans.

  • If possible, always hand wash. It's not a deal-breaker, but it is much gentler on the fabric and you'll find your jeans fade more 'naturally'. If using a washing machine, keep the heat low and use a slower cycle. With raw denim, ensure you wash them separately for the first 5 washes, as the dye will bleed and transfer to other garments. Also be careful when sitting on light coloured surfaces or wearing white shoes.

  • Use natural detergents where possible. You don't want those nasty chemicals damaging your jeans, or the environment.

  • Don't tumble dry! Well, you can (we do, sometimes) but results can vary. If you're in a rush and need to tumble your jeans, ensure you keep the heat low. Excessive tumble drying can change the size/shape/fit of your jeans, and they'll often feel tighter when they come out. This isn't always a problem with stretch jeans, as after several wears they can feel a bit loose. Often any changes in your denim as a result of tumble drying are a result of the machine - not the denim.
    With selvedge denim, we always recommend hang-drying rather than a tumble dryer.

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Made in Japan
Non-Stretch or 100% Cotton
Selvedge Denim
Button Fly

Big John.

Big John selvedge denim is 100% woven in Japan. Big John products will fade beautifully. You may forget the memories of your many travels, but the fading of your jeans will remain as a work of art.

As the oldest Japanese jeans brand, Big John Jeans is proud to uphold the same traditions and values for over eighty years.