Super Scrunch Long Jeans Twitter Storm

Long Jeans Cause Twitter Storm

If you don't happen to be a super model then you are probably well-used to finding jeans which are too long for you. High-end designer styles are often cut long enough to leave you wondering if you have shrunk in the latest downpour. Jeans cut for giants are nothing new but ASOS have recently taken things to a whole new level.

ASOS Jeans for Giants

finding jeans to suit can be hard enough without having to deal with acres of unwanted fabric protruding beyond your toes. Fair enough, you can alter jeans to fit but this is an unnecessary inconvenience which most people would surely be happy to forego. You can't expect off the peg jeans to be tailored exactly to your height, but unless you are a mutant, you shouldn't have to accept jeans which would fit the average lamp post.

Evidently ASOS disagree. Customers have recently been ordering their $52 Super Stacker Jeans only to discover that they are too long by a foot and more. Confused clients have lit up social media with their comments and pictures. The jeans appear to be so long that even a super model would be tripping over them. Very useful if you are looking for integrated slippers but otherwise just a little bizarre!

Strangely, the ridiculously long legs have also proved to be a feature of petite styles. Eh? So was this an error?

ASOS say not. They claim the jeans were no factory error but were cut longer in a fashion-forward move. They would enable wearers to achieve a cool scrunched look at the ankles. ASOS have even gone as far as to issue pictures illustrating how the jeans should be worn. This move may well prove to be a mistake as the model frankly looks ridiculous. In any case the jeans are so long that they would have to be scrunched all the way to your crotch.

Denim Trends

Who decided that this was a fashion forward move? Is there really a trend for extreme scrunchies? Perhaps ASOS thought that their customers would appreciate some extra fabric for making accessories and decided to attach it to the bottom of the jeans.

Scrunched is one thing but two feet of denim bunched around your lower legs is quite another! Imagine what would happen in wet conditions? With that much fabric around your ankles it would soon feel like you had a couple of lead weights tied to your legs. God help you if you wore them to Glastonbury!

Tall Tales

We think that ASOS just might just be telling porkies. There appears to have been a miscalculation here. It's a bit like selling someone a saucepan with holes in it and then claiming that it's a colander.

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