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The 18oz Neppy Indigo Raw Selvedge Denim


The 18oz Neppy Indigo Raw Selvedge Denim stands as a heavyweight denim brimming with the texture and neps thoughout.

Historically, neps were perceived as fabric flaws, stemming from imperfections during yarn spinning. As advancements in technology ironed out these "flaws," purists of denim began to miss these so-called imperfections, seeing them instead as essential characteristics that captured the essence of vintage denim.

For this denim, The Unbranded Brand have amplified that nostalgia, integrating a heavyweight yarn teeming with these desirable "imperfections," delivering denim rich in textured neppy charm.

As the denim matures, expect some neps to detach and the indigo to fade, allowing the garment to evolve with time. The fabric is dense and rigid, warranting a few weeks for a comfortable break-in.

Accentuating the jeans are antique copper buttons and rivets as well as a brown leather patch — all without any kind of branding. The finishing touch comes with the Unbranded Brand's signature blue selvedge ID. This denim stands as a limited edition, one-time production.


Available now in the Straight, Tapered, Relaxed Tapered and Skinny fits.
Limited edition - there will be no restocks on this one!

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