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In the latest addition to the Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan (MIJ) series, the brand turn to their signature Okayama Spirit Selvedge to craft an all-black edition – The Okayama Spirit Kuro. With "Kuro" translating to black in Japanese, this edition introduces an all-black version that seamlessly transitions from the original's celebrated blueprint, offering a new, darker incarnation of a beloved classic.  

Crafted on vintage shuttle looms, the denim weaving process is intentionally slow to highlight the organic, uneven texture of the fabric. This careful technique results in a distinctive wavy weave pattern, visible upon closer inspection, that is the hallmark of the Okayama Spirit's iconic textured appearance. The denim is dyed with sulfur on irregularly sized slub yarns to achieve a steely black finish. The unique properties of these yarns mean that thicker sections absorb more dye while thinner sections absorb less, leading to an intriguing visual effect. Over time, the denim fades from black to varying shades of grey, ensuring that each piece ages in a unique way and develops its own character.  

The Okayama Spirit Kuro features a robust 16oz weight and is presented in its original loomstate (Unsanforized) form, preserving the denim's authentic texture and heritage-style construction. This means the denim hasn't undergone processes like anti-skewing, singeing, or sanforization (pre-shrinking), maintaining its raw, untouched quality. To simplify sizing and maintain the denim's raw state, the Okayama Spirit Kuro undergoes a tempi treatment. This essential step involves soaking and sun drying the jeans to achieve controlled shrinkage, enabling you to select your precise size from the outset while keeping the fabric's original texture intact.

Beyond its exceptional fabric, the Okayama Spirit Kuro boasts distinctive finishing touches that enhance its aesthetic and functional appeal. The jeans feature blacked-out iron capped buttons, intentionally designed to rust, creating a striking visual contrast as the denim ages. Adding to its unique identity is a black deerskin leather patch, prominently adorned with the "Flower of Carnage" logo. Selvedge detailing is found on the outseam, coin pocket, and fly of the jeans, as well as on the inner placket of the jackets, enhancing the denim's premium feel and heritage appeal. The use of copper rivets reinforces the jeans durability while hidden back pocket rivets pays homage to traditional denim construction. The signature maple leaf embroidery, a hallmark of the MIJ series, is thoughtfully placed on the chest pocket of denim jackets and on the back pocket of jeans. This subtle yet distinctive embellishment continues the MIJ series' tradition, marking each piece as a symbol of quality and craftsmanship.  

Crafted with an unwavering commitment to excellence, each pair of the Okayama Spirit Kuro stands as a testament to the skilled craftsmanship Japan is renowned for. From the careful dyeing of the yarn to the precision of the final stitches, every step is executed with utmost care, ensuring the jeans not only meets but surpasses the high standards of the Naked & Famous Denim Made in Japan collection.

Check out the full details in the video below.

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