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Since the inception of Naked & Famous Denim in 2008, the brand has been on the forefront of pushing the boundaries of raw denim. While many of their fabrics have been transient, others have become stalwarts, like the Elephant series or the Slub Stretch Selvedge, eagerly anticipated in new iterations. Among these, the Frankenstein Denim has emerged as a cult classic. Debuting in Fall 2010, the Frankenstein Denim was a revelation in raw denim—a hybrid creation akin to its namesake, a mix-mash of construction techniques. With an alternating pattern of left hand twill and right hand twill, woven from big slub irregular yarns, it boasted a texture-rich, unforgettable character. Despite its iterations ranging from classic indigo and black to taupe and the "Toxic Avenger" edition of 2020, updates to this series have been sparse, leaving fans clamoring for more. For the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, we're thrilled to unveil the 14oz Undyed Frankenstein Denim. Crafted from natural ecru cotton, it's a nod to Frankenstein's undead origins—or should we say, 'un dyed' origins? Yes, we appreciate a good (or bad) pun.


This denim maintains its classic weave, a dance of left and right hand twills with the signature big slub yarn. In its undyed state, the fabric reveals tiny brown cotton seeds, adding a touch of the organic to the denim's texture. Ecru denim has found favour with raw denim enthusiasts seeking an alternative to indigo. Pair it with your traditional raw denim pieces for a fresh, new aesthetic. And fear not the upkeep; ecru denim cleans with ease, most stains washing out in a regular cycle. Or let them age, and a unique patina will emerge, telling the story of your adventures. Each pair is adorned with Naked & Famous Denim's classic features: custom silver metallic hardware and an upside-down brown leather patch—a whimsical twist for the Frankenstein series. As always, each pair is meticulously assembled in the brands' Canadian factory, the enduring symbol of a dedication to craftsmanship.

Frankenstein Denim isn't for the faint of heart; it's for those who covet the extraordinary, a testament to the spirit of innovation that has driven Naked & Famous Denim for years. It's for the denim connoisseur who delights in the unique, in the smashing together of details to see what emerges. This denim, like its passionate fans, stands as a tribute to that unwavering commitment to pushing the envelope.

Check out the full details in the video below.

Available at midnight on Friday 2nd February here:

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