Reyn Spooner Shirts

Reyn Spooner Shirts

Designed in Hawaii, Reyn Spooner are famous for their patterned short sleeve shirts. Perfectly paired with shorts, chinos or swimming trunks, there's very little that evokes the feeling of summer and good times like these colourful pieces. Available in Classic Fit, for relaxed comfort and freedom of movement, or Tailored Fit with shorter sleeves for a leaner look.

Reyn Spooner: The Spirit of Hawaii

There’s legendary history and Hawaiian heritage stitched into every Reyn Spooner garment. The spirit of Aloha and West Coast cool merge with East Coast prep. Casual comfort pairs with thoughtful, classic construction. Timeless, island-inspired exclusive prints and patterns meet modern styling.

The word Aloha means many things. Hawaiians use it in greeting and farewells and in expressions of love. Aloha is also a way of life and is something Reyn Spooner share in every stitch. With every piece they create, their quality apparel wears as well on the first day as it does years later. The pieces are passed down to the next generation and become a heirloom. These shirts are made to last and made to remember.

Reyn Spooner has grown from that first store in Hawaii - still located at Ala Moana Center - to a global presence with modern, high quality Aloha inspired apparel built on tradition and innovation. Reyn Spooner still focuses on that combination of relaxed “cool” island style with unique prints, fabric and quality tailoring.


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