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Edwin Accessories

All the best Edwin accessories from Jeanstore

Edwin is a company with an interesting history and has played a significant role in the evolution of jeans styling. Edwin was launched in Japan back in 1947 at a time when denim jeans were not manufactured or available in the country. Initially second hand garments were imported from the USA, washed and then sold on. There was definitely a growing thirst for denim in Japan and eventually new jeans began to appear but these were of low quality and were very costly. Edwin was a brand very much in love with denim, but good denim, and so the company began to produce its own superior quality jeans.

You might be wondering about the name! Edwin doesn't sound very Japanese or very denim! In fact the name was formed by taking the word DENIM, changing the M to a W and rearranging the letters and it is a name that is now synonymous with great quality, fabulous fits and a liberal dose of innovation.

With a passion for quality jeans and a love of denim heritage, Edwin became the first company to develop vintage styles replicating the original unwashed work wear jeans that were created in America. By taking denim styling back to its roots, Edwin changed the jeans landscape and then transformed the fashion world again when they invented the stone washing process.

Today the team at Edwin design and produce a stunning denim collection for both men and women together with a fine range of complementary accessories. We are proud to feature both Edwin Jeans and accessories here at Jean Store. Edwin is a heritage brand, but also very much a label of today and of tomorrow. With a history of setting the trends rather than merely following them, Edwin Jeans and accessories will always give you the edge.


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