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Footwear fashion is a fascinating subject when you come to think about it. Unlike much of the fashion landscape where styling is very much dictated by aesthetics, many of our most iconic boots and shoes for both men and women have their roots in practical and sporting applications. Whilst we have all been busy in recent years moving street style into the office and our preferred casuals into business, our favourite boots are more a story of the workplace migrating into our sense of style.

Dr Martens began life as affordable, durable boots for working men and women who spent much of their days on their feet. Pounding the pavements in all weathers wasn't fun until Dr Martens arrived at which point our feet got a big break and found themselves in a safe and comfortable environment and shielded from the rain. Then the legendary Pete Townsend started wearing Dr Martens boots on stage as part of his rebellion against dandy styling. He identified with the working man and put the working man's uniform on stage. Dr Martens were now the epitome of urban cool and decades later they still are!

Loake boots also started life as practical footwear for workers and many of the styles are still handcrafted and Made in England. There is no doubt that comfortable, durable footwear which happens to have great styling will always hit the mark.

Dr Martens and Loake boots are iconic styles with timeless qualities that will always be cool because they have been on such a cultural journey. They are history, they are pop culture and they are instantly recognisable but they are also stylish, comfortable and affordable. What a winning formula!

Whether you are new to Dr Martens and Loake or are about to invest in a new pair of old friends, we are sure that you will love our collection here at Jean Store and appreciate our great prices. Our collection also features great styles from brands such as Loake, Cheaney and Quoddy - enough choice for anyone!


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