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Founded in 2017, Patapaca reinvents working with alpaca wool to create contemporary socks for a changing world.

Your feet are masterpieces of evolution, working best when left to move freely and connected to the earth. Alpaca wool is equally unique, having developed over tens of thousands of years in a harsh mountain climate. When brought together, special things happen. A combination of the softest, lightest protection and healthy feet that can breathe. Together they are ultimately versatile, all the while bringing you closer to nature.

Designed in London and made in Peru, Patapaca are on a creative journey to research and develop better socks for people and the planet. Whether using a unique, traditional machine that knits the thickest alpaca socks possible or by working with artisans and sometimes knitting communities, Patapaca celebrate provenance and craft. And through playfulness with colour and attention to materials, Patapaca are always pushing to find a balance between socks that are long-lasting, comfortable and kind.    


Well, apart from being super fun to be around, alpacas own one of the most versatile fleece coats in nature. Due to the extreme conditions of the Andes their wool fibres have unique air pockets that store body heat in cool temperatures and release it in warm weather. This means the fibres are super light and don’t retain water. As soft as cashmere and much stronger and warmer than wool, we couldn't think of a better fibre to make socks with.    

Did you know alpaca wool is considered ‘washless’? The fibres are water repellant meaning they don’t absorb sweat, so you can wear them more - five to ten times, easily, without having to wash them. Simply hang to air between wears. Not only is this better for you, but it’s better for the environment too.


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