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Naked & Famous Denim / Okayama Spirit 4 - Coming Soon

Launching on or shortly after August 7th.

The Okayama Spirit series pays tribute to the decades-long attention to denim craftsmanship in Okayama. The Okayama Spirit 4 is made to wear and fade beautifully, which goes all the way back to how the individual yarns are spun. To create such a richly textured fabric, the individual cotton yarns need to be spun at different speeds: slow speeds yielding thickness or ‘slubs’ in the yarn and faster speeds yielding thinness.

These warp yarns are rope-dyed in indigo vats over and over again until they achieve a dark shade of indigo, but because of the shape of the yarn, the indigo doesn’t absorb evenly. Then master craftspeople using low-tension weaving on old shuttle looms turn the yarns into rolls of Japanese selvedge denim.

All of this labor to create denim that, with time and wear, can demonstrate the beauty of the full range of indigo hues that reflect the life lived in denim. The Okayama Spirit 4 is Sanforized to remove the guesswork in sizing. The super thick 10oz natural veg tan leather patch will darken with time, evolving with the indigo denim.



The Okayama Spirit 4 is a 16oz Japanese selvedge denim. The Okayama Spirit series has yielded some of the most beloved denim among hardcore Naked & Famous Denim fans. The latest iteration, the Okayama Sprit 4, has an incredible organic grain designed to age beautifully with high contrast fades.

The wild streaks and slubs running through the denim come from using yarns that are thick in some places and thin in others, meaning the indigo dye will be absorbed unevenly allowing the potential for a full range of indigos to present themselves with wear. Low tension weaving creates further irregularity in the fabric for an almost handwoven appearance.

Unlike previous Okayama Spirits, this fabric is Sanforized, so there should be minimal shrinkage when soaked or washed. Cut, sewn, built in Canada with contrast stitching, a 10oz natural vegetable tan leather patch, and silver metallic buttons and rivets.


Composition: 100% Cotton

Color: Indigo x White

Fabric Weight: 16oz

Fabric Origin: Japan

Made in: Canada