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King Of Lords Selvedge - Naked & Famous Denim


Denim lovers rejoice! First came the King of Slub, the slubbiest denim in the world. Then came the Lord of Neps, and till today, no one had found such a neppy denim. Presenting The King of Lords. In some kind of unholy union, the King of Slub meets the Lord of Nep to create the slubbiest, neppiest denim human beings have ever seen.


Thick irregular indigo ridges rise through the face of the fabric among a blizzard of knots and loops in a topography of nuance and texture. Weighing in at a super heavyweight 23 oz, this denim is not for the meek or timid. Peek inside to the weft and see how the Lord of Nep yarns present as little loops, almost like a terry cloth. The flash of silver metallic hardware makes the white neps pop even more. A thick buffalo leather patch complements the weight and grain of the denim and will develop a patina with time and wear.


This denim could not be sanforized due to the fact that the process would singe off the neps from the denim. In order to remove the guesswork from sizing the jeans have been rinsed washed, thus pre-shrinking the fabric while retaining the neppyness and texture of this slubby denim.

Both the Weird Guy (Tapered) and the denim jacket are available now at JEANSTORE in extremely limited numbers.