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Batman x Naked & Famous Denim - Available Now

We are excited to introduce the Batman x Naked & Famous Denim capsule collection, merging the worlds of Batman and Japanese raw denim.

The collection features exclusive custom-milled Japanese denim fabrics inspired by characters from the Batman universe. Featuring the classic 1966 Batman & Robin Dynamic Duo, the Dark Knight himself Batman, Bane, Harley Quinn, and the Clown Prince of Crime… The Joker.  Each style is distinctive and features iconography unique to each character. Special details include custom metal buttons, icon embroidery, and highly detailed embossed leather patches.  This limited-edition collection, which consists of 5 unique fabrics in jeans, as well as two denim jackets, launches over the end of 2020 through to Spring 2021.

First up - Bane - The Bat-Breaker Selvedge, November 2020;

The Batman x Naked & Famous Denim Bane Bat-Breaker Selvedge is a 16oz Japanese Stretch Selvedge denim made in the spirit of the Knightfall comic book story arc. The burlier black x black denim matches Bane’s size and costume with neon green “venom” pumping through the selvedge ID. Find Bane’s mask embroidered onto the back pocket. The waist button features the Bat signal from the Knightfall story arc. Inside the waistband, check out the dual branded logo. Finished with Bane’s menacing visage on the leather patch. Cut, sewn, built in Canada.


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Drop Two - Harley Quinn - The Queen Of Chaos Selvedge, November 2020;

Inspired by “psychotic, mass-murdering clowns and the women who love them,” the Batman x Naked & Famous Denim The Queen of Chaos Selvedge embodies the sinister siren formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. The 12 oz Japanese stretch selvedge denim evokes Harley’s pre-Robbie jester costume with a black warp and a red weft and a black and red ticking selvedge ID. The waist button proclaims the Mad Love that drives her to… well… try to feed Batman to a school of piranhas. She smiles, holding a card from a deck in her signature domino mask on the leather patch. On the inside, check out the Batman x Naked & Famous Denim dual-branded logo.

Available now in the following fits:


Drop Three - The Dark Knight Selvedge, December 2020;

Widely considered one of the greatest graphic novels of all time, The Dark Knight Returns finds Bruce Wayne middle-aged, retired from fighting crime, a bored bachelor. Violence runs rampant as the street gang The Mutants terrorizes Gotham. The Batman x Naked & Famous Denim Dark Knight Selvedge pays homage to Wayne’s return as the vigilante Batman no longer in the lithe form of youth, but as a hulking brutish force. The 16 oz black x grey heavy slub Japanese selvedge denim manifests Wayne’s character, his past, his toughness. The Batman logo from The Dark Knight Returns is woven into the selvedge ID and embroidered onto a pocket. The top button is cast with the Bat Signal from the story arc, and the black leather patch is embossed with Batman and Carrie Kelley as Robin. Inside, find the Batman x Naked & Famous Denim dual-branded logo. “We must not remind them that giants walk the Earth.”

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Drop Four - The Dynamic Duo Selvedge, February 2021;

Robin: “Where’d you get a live fish, Batman?”

Batman: “The true crimefighter always carries everything he needs in his utility belt, Robin.”

Na na na na na na na na BATMAN! The Batman x Naked & Famous Denim The Dynamic Duo Selvedge turns the TV dial all the way back to the 60s to find Adam West and Burt Ward BAM-in, POW-ing, ZAP-ing crime in Gotham City. The 12.5 oz indigo x grey Japanese selvedge denim takes inspiration from the TV show’s animated intro but will fade as only rope-dyed indigo can. POW, ZLONK, ZAP, and BIFF are woven into the selvedge ID with a yellow stripe. Batman’s chest logo is embroidered onto the pocket, and the Bat Signal is cast into the top button. The dynamic duo swing from Gotham’s skyscrapers on the leather patch. Peak inside for the Batman x Naked & Famous Denim dual-branded logo.

The Dynamic Duo selvedge is available online now in the following fits: