Wrangler Slider Jeans

Wrangler Slider Jeans

Wrangler Slider Jeans are the workwear-inspired jeans that fit comfortably around the waist, then taper towards the ankles. This is the perfect style to help you feel confident in your appearance with a silhouette that is both modern and masculine. What’s more, Wrangler jeans are both stylish and very comfort-focused, which makes them a staple in every wardrobe.

All Wrangler jeans feature a zip fly with the classic ‘W’ stitching on the rear pockets alongside the iconic Wrangler leather patch – which has been tradition for Wrangler jeans since 1947. Wrangler have maintained the same level of quality that brought them to fame in 1947, but they have adapted to the fashions and designs of the modern world.


Wrangler men’s jeans

A regular fit doesn’t have to mean boring! Try styling Wrangler Slider jeans with a loose but smart-looking t-shirt and tucking it into the waist for a fun, casual look. The ready-to-wear workwear-inspired finish will easily make you look more confident with its modern, tapered fit. </p>

In addition to fantastic prices, Jean Store can offer you free delivery on orders over £100. Take advantage of this offer by choosing multiple pairs of jeans to try. Shop Wrangler jeans to try a stylish, yet laid-back approach to fashion.


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