The North Face Accessories

The North Face Accessories

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention and sometimes that is true of clothing. So many of our most popular fashion statements, like Levi's jeans, started life as durable workwear. On the other hand many great collections have been the product of a passion for a particular lifestyle. That was certainly the case with The North Face. Founders Doug Tompkins and Kenneth "Hap" Klopp were lovers of the great outdoors and so perhaps were the right people to create an outdoor clothing collection that really hit the mark.

The North Face started life as a camping and hiking shop located at San Francisco's North Beach. The entrepreneurial duo felt, however, that the equipment and clothing that was available at the time did not offer the perfect combination of functionality and style that it was possible to create. They therefore set about producing their own range which would better meet the needs of their customers. Through research and exploring innovative fabrics and technologies used by the military they produced a revolutionary backpack and following the success of their first accessories, they never looked back.

The North Face collection set the benchmark for stylish yet highly functional equipment. The same qualities were then incorporated into a clothing and accessories collection. The North Face was so perfectly conceived that it quickly became not only the first choice of outdoor enthusiasts but also a fashion statement. The high quality, stylish yet affordable clothing remains at the top of the tree and we are pleased to bring you this ever popular collection here at Jean Store.

Our range features jackets, t shirts and sweats from The North Face together with fine hats and accessories. We know that you appreciate this exceptional collection and look forward to bringing you the latest styles each season.


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