Quoddy Footwear

Quoddy Footwear

The Field Boot - Quoddy's signature piece. Featuring a waterproof shell and a Sperry rubber sole, this boot is popular with everyone from farmers to walkers. Grab yours below.

Quoddy: An antidote to mass production

The workers at Quoddy work at wooden benches with leather, needle, thread, and a few basic tools. They stitch, coax, and charm these humble materials into beautiful footwear.

These methods go back centuries, back to the native Passamaquoddy. Made to cradle your foot in comfort. Meant to last a lifetime because they can be renewed by the same hands that created them.

At Quoddy's workshop in Maine, USA, these skills have been passed down through generations. The company stubbornly resists trading human touch for industrial efficiency. Output is measured in dozens, not thousands.


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