Nike SB Footwear

Nike SB Footwear

If you're a skating fanatic and are in the market for a new pair of Nike SB Janoskis, Bruins or Shane Ts then you've come to the right place. Browse our collection of colourful and comfortable Nike SB sneakers today.

Nike started to produce skateboarding footwear as early as 1997 but did not meet with immediate success. The skateboarding community is legendary for its dislike of big corporations and mainstream brands and it was always going to be a difficult culture for Nike to break into. Nonetheless the Nike SB skateboarding specific collection was launched in 2002 and the company upped their efforts to gain the necessary credibility, leading to the release of the Nike SB Janoski, Koston and Team ranges.

By working with highly regarded professionals in the sport to develop new styles with the features boarders demanded, Nike SB began to find its feet and was to become an accepted and successful brand that proved popular not just with boarders but with sneaker fans looking for cool street wear.

The collection is designed in conjunction with their pro team which is led by legendary boarders Stefan Janoski, Eric Koston and Paul Rodriguez. The result has been a superb range of casual sportswear that satisfies the boarders but which is equally at home on the street . The Nike SB professional team has considerably expanded and the brand is now fully accepted within the skateboarding community.

Nike SB footwear had to take pride of place in the Jean Store collection. With a sporty feel, extreme comfort and the coolest of styling you really can't go wrong with this range. With high cut, mid and low profile styles partnered by great colour ways there is plenty to choose from and something for everyone.

Nike SB footwear may have crept rather than exploded onto the scene but there is no doubt that Nike have now nailed it and taken their place as the brand of choice for the skateboarding community. The footwear translates so well to the street that it is also a top pick for trainer addicts and we are sure you will understand why.


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