Fred Perry Accessories

Fred Perry Accessories

Fred Perry was a British championship-winning tennis player won a clutch of major titles in the 1930s, including three consecutive Wimbledon titles.

In the 1940s, Fred Perry was approached by an ex-Austrian football player, Tibby Wegner, who had invented the first sweatband. Together, they established the Fred Perry clothing label so famous today.

The iconic M3 polo shirt - featuring the signature laurel wreath logo - made its debut at the 1952 Wimbledon championships and was an instant hit. Originally only produced in white, huge demand for Fred Perry polo shirts saw the company create a wider range of colours. Soon the M12 was born, with its famous twin-tipped sleeves, and the shirt remains Fred Perry's most popular piece to this day.

Here at JEANSTORE we stock not only the classic Fred Perry polo shirts like the M12 Made in England and the famous twin-tipped polo, but also a wide range of shirts and jackets, socks and accessories. Have a look at the collection and smarten up your wardrobe.

Fred Perry's sock offering remains ever popular, with the tartan Royal Stewart and Menzies being perennial favourites. And you'll need somewhere to stash all this sophisticated clothing, right? How about the Tartan Barrel Bag - after all, why shouldn't the functional also be fashionable?


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