The Great Jeans Divide

The Great Divide

The world of fashion is a fickle one and nothing remains constant for very long. Fashionistas and designers are always looking for the next big thing and new ways to dress. This means that the fashion landscape is in a constant state of flux. Our enthusiasm for following trends has thus far ensured that where celebrities and leading lights go the rest of us are sure to follow but I now wonder if things are about to change dramatically.

A Weighty Issue

I think change could be in the air, not because we are all suddenly tired of following trends but rather because the trend we are principally following is one of weight gain! In the developed world we have a growing population in more ways than one and sooner or later this has to impact on fashion trends.

Skinny jeans

There is no doubt that the outfits we see on the catwalk and the looks that celebrities adopt are principally creations for the slender physique. Take the current penchant for skinny jeans. Skinnies are a poor choice for the fuller figure as are crop tops and many other styles so where does that leave the increasing number of people who are overweight?

Cut Down to Size

There is another issue I should throw into the mix here and that is the sizing policy of the big labels. Many of the supposedly coolest brands are anxious to define their own market. They want what they deem to be beautiful people wearing their clothes and they like to see their designs looking as they intended. The way they control the situation is by restricting the available sizes in their ranges or at least for certain styles. This is all very well but surely if the trend for weight gain continues then we are going to arrive at a tipping point eventually. Critical mass will be reached when there aren't enough slim people for such brands to sell to.

A question of Age?

I don't think that trends for the slender will ever be completely a thing of the past but I can see the day when a great divide appears and fashion is aimed at one of two markets - the slim and everyone else. To an extent you could say that we have this very situation right now but this tendency is certainly not in full swing yet. I was tempted to add that as it is harder to keep the weight off as you age, this great divide may form partially along generational lines but actually that isn't going to be the case. it is the older generations who often choose better diets and lifestyles as these are the people who grew up before the age of junk food, processed food and the home entertainment options that have caused such sedentary lifestyles. The current generation of young adults could be the first to live shorter lives than their parents and they are also likely to be heavier than their parents too. We could have a great divide on the basis of age but with the older guys wearing the coolest styles!

Losing Weight

Here at Jean Store we have looked at the question of age before when we posed the question should older people wear jeans? Well obviously they should and the big labels may be appealing more directly to this market in the future if people of a certain age are generally the slim ones! Those currently over the age of 40 can expect to live long and healthy lives. These are folk who have become increasingly less prone to actually feeling old and are highly likely to remain fashion conscious and socially active for many years.

So what of the younger generation? Well here the great divide we speak of could well be highly significant unless there is a radical change of direction on the lifestyle front. There could well be a time when there are fashion trends that those with a fuller figure simply cannot follow and so it is highly likely that eventually there will be trends evolving to cater to the needs of the overweight population. In many ways it might be better if the cool brands stuck to their guns on the size restriction policy as this might help to encourage better lifestyles. If you can only wear the best clothes if you are slim then perhaps more people might make an effort to keep trim.

As it stands there are jeans for almost everyone and we certainly have a huge range of sizes available here at Jeans Store right now. However, we can only bring you what your favourite brands choose to produce so it will be interesting to see how things develop in the next few years. Will jeans expand to suit a growing population or will the people have to shrink to fit the jeans?