Super Skinny Jeans

The Cult of Super Skinny

The trend for skinny jeans first started back in 2001 and denim styles have become progressively skinnier ever since. This trend certainly would not have been possible without materials technology having delivered stretch denim! We are now in the era of super skinny jeans featuring a spray on look that is figure hugging everywhere, even at the ankles. The big question now is perhaps not does my bum look big in this, but rather do my ankles look fat in this! Super skinny is a style that has been dubbed Ex-Girlfriend and it is certainly a look inspired by feminine fashion.

Ladies First

It was women who led the way in adopting tighter styles but was this a case of the chicken or the egg coming first? Women may appear to have been the trend setters but then manufacturers were, and indeed still are, shrinking women's styles first. Males of the species can only wear what is available in menswear departments after all. Or perhaps they have more choice than first meets the eye.

All the indications are that sales of men's super skinny Ex Girlfriend jeans are rising rapidly. It would appear that jeans can't be too skinny and in the search for optimum adhesion men have turned to women's jeans for the ultimate fit. Celebrities like Russell Brand, Harry Styles and Joey Essex have all been happy to admit that they wear ladies jeans and even claim that women's jeans are more accommodating when it comes to the male anatomy. This is actually a rather important issue.

Skinny Jeans

Health Warnings

A recent survey by TENA, the incontinence specialists, has revealed that 10% of men who wear skinny jeans have reported that they have experienced side effects from their fashion choice including bladder infections, fungal infections, reduced sperm counts and twisted testicles. One wonders how it is possible to ascertain that it is indeed the jeans which have caused the problems but that is a debate for others to pursue.

The Barrier Method

The big jeans brands may be concerned about adverse publicity regarding the health issues raised but then this could surely be countered by the major benefit that has become clear from TENA's research. Super Skinny jeans are obviously the perfect contraceptives. Not only do they lower your sperm count, they are also so tight that you have no chance of getting them off in a hurry! Women have always suffered for the fashion cause, now it is the turn of the men!

It is inevitable that the big brands will respond both to the demand for men's super skinny jeans and to the feedback that female styles work best for the reproductive system. Jeans are always evolving and more suitable fits will surely follow.

Meggings Mania

In the meantime there are men for whom even super skinny jeans are not quite supremely skinny enough. Enter meggings, a male incarnation of the leggings which have been women's wardrobe staples for years. Meggings arrived in 2014 and after being voted the year's greatest fashion faux pas they are now finding favour in some quarters. Wearers report that they are extremely comfortable and they are perhaps less hazardous to the meat and two veg. The biggest potential issue with meggings is perhaps their lack of pockets. There is nowhere to put your mobile phone and that is important as we have debated previously. Click here if you missed our discussion on jeans and mobile phones.


Models in Meggings

Super skinny jeans are not for everyone. The cuts are so narrow that those of a fuller figure or who boast ample thighs will struggle to gain access. Your average body builder, rugby player or downhill skier would certainly find that super skinny is decidedly too skinny for them. However, there is no sign that the trend is running out of steam and the style is certainly extremely flattering to the svelte figure, be that of the male or female variety. Super skinny jeans are here for the foreseeable and will doubtless evolve into increasingly comfortable and practical styles. Keep visiting Jean Store for the latest denim trends. We have our fingers firmly on the pulse (if anyone wearing super skinnies still has one!).