Smart Jeans

Wearable Technology - Levi's Jeans That Warn You of Weight Gain

Wearable technology is becoming an increasingly common sight. Until now this has been in the shape of smartwatches, fitness bands and glasses. But Levi's are about to introduce a more literal incarnation of the concept.

We are about to progress from technology that you wear into the era of clothing that features technology. If this idea conjures visions of jeans with screens then think again. Levi's innovative jeans will incorporate invisible technology. They will look completely normal but there is nothing mundane about what they might be able to do.

Smart Thread

Levi's have been working in conjunction with Google to develop smart thread. The initiative is called "Project Jacquard". The hi-tech thread is set to make clothing interactive and can be weaved into fabric to make it touch sensitive, conductive and able to sync with electronic devices. The jacquard yarn has been evolved to be compatible with standard sewing machines and will be washable like any other material.

So what are the potential applications for this new thread? Well, you could be able to control devices via simple movements and your clothing. You might be able to take a photograph by touching your pocket or send a text by crossing your legs. You could signal your location in the event of an emergency by touching your leg or even turn off your home heating by pulling a belt loop.

The possibilities are endless as is the potential for disaster methinks. It all smacks of the auction room scenario where an unsuspecting visitor scratches their nose at the wrong moment and then finds themselves to be the new owner of an artistic masterpiece that they can't afford to insure let alone buy!

Imagine, if you will, the moment when you clap eyes on something amazing and rush to take a picture. It is easy to become confused when the adrenaline flows. What if you reach for your leg instead of your pocket? You will summon the emergency services instead of taking a snap. It would be all too easy to descend your home into the next ice age instead of sending a text message or to attempt to call for emergency help and to send a valentine instead.

The concept of using simple body movements and clothing in partnership with technology is an interesting one but perhaps fraught with issues. It certainly requires some fine tuning but should not be dismissed out of hand. Much of the technology we now take advantage of everyday without a second thought would have seemed inconceivable just a few years ago. It would appear that Levi's and Google are keen to find ways to get our heads away from our screens and that has to be a good thing.

Weight Warnings

The first application for the new thread looks set to be Levi's jeans which warn you of weight gain. Hopefully this will be via a notification on your smartphone rather than an audible alert! Imagine the nightmare of standing on a packed train only for your jeans to announce that your bottom has expanded! At least there will no longer be the need to ask long suffering partners and friends if your bum looks big in your new jeans. The jeans will be able to answer that question themselves.

Levi's are remaining tight lipped about the precise nature of their new styles but it is thought that they will be on offer as early as autumn 2016. Would you invest in this innovative denim or would you rather remain in blissful ignorance when you have acquired a few extra pounds? In any case we have had weight gain alert technology for hundreds of years. It is called a mirror!