Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

The 1970's and 1980's were decades in which fashion was characterised by flamboyance, experimentation and rebellion. They were colourful times indeed in which people made a strenuous effort to stand out from the crowd. These days we tend to be far more conservative and the fashion landscape is more fifty shades of grey than the colour purple. Perhaps it is time that we all rediscovered our colour loving mojo.

Of course, each new season a different colour palette comes to the fore. Whoever it is that decides what the in colours are makes their decision and we all follow the trends like sheep. Should we have our colour choices dictated to us?

Life would be so much more interesting if we used colour in our outfits a bit more but surely we should choose the colours that we like and which best suit us. Obviously we all love our jeans but they don't have to be indigo and they don't have to be partnered with grey. Sometimes it is good to get out of the blue but what colours should we get into?


We must be mindful that our colour choices make important statements about our personalities and impact the way that we feel. Like it our not there is psychology of colour. We may not be aware of it but we are influenced by the colours that we choose to wear and we form opinions of others based on their colour choices.


Colour Spectrum

The Psychology of colour

So what do our colour choices really mean? Is blue truly calming and cool and red the colour of danger? Is green perfectly peaceful and purple rather regal? There has been surprisingly little research on this subject in relation to fashion. However, there have been a few studies which have provided some insight into what our chosen colours say about our personalities, how they make us feel and how they influence the way people see us. What does the colour of your clothes say about you?


Red is a firm favourite with confident people who enjoy being at the heart of the action. Wearing red can make you feel alert and positive. You will certainly stand out if you wear red and you will appear to be assertive and strong but you could also come across as threatening.


Blue is the preferred colour of those who seek inner truth and harmony. Wearing blue will help you to feel at peace with the world and will promote a sense of belonging. Darker shades of blue could mean that you fade into the background and speak of a need to fit in but they will convey that you are trustworthy. Bolder shades can leave people feeling that you are inflexible.


Lovers of green have a need to belong and to be loved. Wearing green will help you to feel balanced and calm. Others will see you as approachable, friendly and reliable.


If you favour orange then you are a sociable person with a need to be accepted. Orange clothes will help you to feel confident and enthusiastic and could boost your creativity. Wearing orange makes you hard to miss, memorable and seen as ambitious.


Lovers of yellow appreciate order and logic. Yellow clothes boost your energy, optimism and inspiration. Others will see you as positive and cheerful but under control.


If you prefer purple then you are a perfectionist with strong emotions. Wearing purple boosts spirituality and inner peace. Other people interpret purple as a sign of leadership and success.


Pink is the colour of tranquillity, love and youth. Wearing pink fills you with warmth and inspires optimism. If you are pretty in pink then others will feel relaxed in your presence and will believe that you are younger than you actually are.


If black is your favourite fashion colour then you are probably contained, conservative and a little serious. Wearing black will make you feel safe and secure but could prevent you from maximising your creativity. Others may view you as a closed book and lacking imagination.


Like black, grey is a colour of containment and conservative thought. Wearing grey will help you to feel in control and professional. However, you can easily fade into the background and others may see you as indecisive.

Did you recognise yourself? Clearly these are very general observations. Everyone is unique and will react differently to specific colours and so the situation is far from black and white! What you probably have discovered, though, is that you do react in certain ways to the idea of particular colours. Everyone does and so it is safe to say that what you wear will influence how you feel and will impact on how others feel about you.

Showing your True Colours

Introducing your favourite colours into your wardrobe doesn't have to involve being too daring or bizarre. You don't have to face the world looking like you've been tangoed or have fallen into a vat of pink food colouring. Simply choose colourful tops to partner your jeans or team up coloured jeans with complementary tops. More colourful looks will help you to develop a unique personal style and when you get noticed it will be a valuable boost to your confidence.

Women in Red JeansWho Stands out from the Crowd?

Just make sure that you choose colours which suit you and which give off the appropriate message for the occasion. It is easy to assess which shades flatter you. Just hold up different coloured cloths and fabrics to your face. If the colour makes you smile it is a winner. If the colour makes you look pallid and ill then avoid it at all costs. Don't choose an eye catching combo of lime green and fuchsia for an interview and leave the neon colours at home when visiting clients. Be restrained for court appearances but cut loose for clubbing. Keep an eye on the latest trends but don't allow your looks to be dictated by them. Be yourself and set trends rather than follow them and don't be afraid to be different.

Colour can add a new dimension to your wardrobe. One that brightens your life and makes a genuine statement. If you love your jeans then maybe only blue will do but denim can be teamed up with any colour and don't dismiss coloured jeans until you have given them a go. Who knows, one day red could be the new indigo or the future really could prove to be orange.