Men’s denim trends to look out for in 2020

Is your mantra for 2020 ‘New Year, New Me’? A good place to start is with updating your wardrobe. Breathe new life into your look with these men’s denim trends that are set to be huge in the new decade.

Which men’s denim trends are set to be popular in 2020?

Embrace the 2000s revival with stonewash jeans

They say that fashion moves in 20-year cycles and we’re reviving the 2000s with stonewash jeans. Levis claimed to have invented stonewash in the 1950s, while Edwin Jeans also claimed to have invented stonewash in the 1980s. Whatever the origin, stonewash jeans bring a striking multi-tonal dimension to your look.

Stonewash jeans are made by using large stones to roughen up denim as it is being processed. As well as given the jeans a nostalgic, washed out look, the stones soften stiff fabric – like putting drying balls in your tumble dryer. This makes stonewash jeans a comfortable as well as a stylish option for your 2020 wardrobe.

Work heavy denim with a workwear inspired look

Jeans have their origins in manual labour, ever since Levi Strauss designed his first pair of jeans for working men in 1873. It’s no wonder, then, that so many designers draw inspiration from workwear.

If you want to rock this trend, Levis 501s are the original workman’s jeans and are undeniably iconic. Look out for details that help robustness such as hammer loops and patch pockets.

Add an edge to your wardrobe with slim fit jeans

Slim fit jeans are a trend that is unlikely to go away. As well as being a comfortable alternative to skinny styles, slim fit jeans cut a universally flattering silhouette. Timeless and versatile, slim fit jeans will fit easily into your rotation while adding some rock ‘n’ roll flair to your look.

They’re easy to dress up or down so slim fit jeans will work whatever the season or occasion. We recommend Edwin ED-80 jeans or Levis 511s.

Co-ordinate seamlessly with double denim

Double denim used to be considered a style sin, but those days are behind us. It used to be that pairing denim with denim brought to mind a past-it Jean Claude Van-Damm in that Corrs Light ad, or Justin Timberlake’s infamous couples costume with Britney Spears. But – partly thanks to Brad Pitt’s rugged Americana ensemble in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and partly thanks to Gigi Hadid’s double denim birthday party – this trend is back. Pair contrasting denim jackets and pairs of jeans to make this trend work. For added texture and depth, wear a Borg jacket.

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