Jeans Style Glossary


At Jean Store we understand that it is important to you that you make the right fashion choices and so we have worked hard to give you all the information you need about the fabulous clothing and accessories in our collection. From time to time, however, you may come across a term or phrase that you are unsure of and so here in our glossary we have explained the terminology that we have used across our site. Do be aware, though, that the various brands we showcase may differ in their interpretation of jeans terminology. Please do let us know if we have missed anything!

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A mid-blue denim from Wrangler with subtle stone washing for a worn-in look.


A mid-blue denim from Levi's which has light distressing and whiskering to give a worn-in look.

Argyle Pattern

A traditional knitwear pattern featuring diamond shapes, usually overlaid with diagonal lines. The pattern was popularised by Pringle.

Biker Wash

A heavily washed denim by Edwin Jeans that has a green tinge, fading, creasing and whiskering to create a well-worn appearance.


Bootcut jeans are similar to straight leg jeans in being cut straight from the top of the thigh to the knee but they then flare slightly to accommodate boots. The precise nature of the fit varies between brands.


Women's jeans with a relaxed, baggy fit and loose legs to give the appearance of traditional, regular fit men's jeans.

Broken Raw

Broken Raw is a dark indigo blue denim from Levi's with creasing to produce a broken-in and less rigid look.

Blue Brother

An overdyed dark blue denim from Wrangler with no fading, washing or creasing which is perfect for a more formal look.

Carrot Fit

Jeans which are loose or regular fitting above the knee but which taper below the knee and are tight around the ankles.

Cast Iron

A mid blue denim from Levi's with fairly heavy distressing for a worn-in look.


This is a mid-blue denim with quite subtle distressing together with fading to the knees and thighs for a relaxed and lightly worn-in appearance.

Cheating Fool

A grey-black denim from Levi's which has no distressing but which has been washed several times.

Cloudy Vintage

Cloudy Vintage is a washed out dusty blue denim from Nudie Jeans with extensive fading for a truly vintage look.

Comfort Fit

Jeans with a comfort fit are slightly looser than standard or regular fit styles and have a relaxed look, generally with straight legs. The precise specification of the fit varies between brands.


A casual trouser made from mid to heavyweight cotton fabric. The US military uniforms from the Spanish-American War were the original inspiration for the style and these were manufactured in china, hence the chino moniker. The uniforms were to be modelled on British khakis but there was a need to conserve cloth and so instead of the pleated fronts and pockets, chinos had flat fronts and few if any pockets.


A jean type trouser fashioned from corduroy fabric which is a cotton textile with the feel and appearance of a ridged velvet. The name comes from the French phrase "corde de roi" meaning cord of the king.


A mid-blue denim from Levi's with heavy distressing and whiskering which combine to produce an authentic worn-in appearance.

Dry Denim

See Raw Denim.

El Camino

A lovely dark blue denim from Wrangler with a subtle wash, some fading and authentic looking wear patterns for a lightly lived in appearance.

Electric Land

Electric Land is a pale blue denim by Levi's with all over fading to give a vintage appearance.


A mid-blue denim from Levi's with reasonably heavy distressing, creasing to the front pockets and fading to the seat and front.


A very pale blue denim from Levi's which has been stone washed several times to produce a used look.

Fair Isle

A traditional knitting technique named for a Scottish Island which features distinctive mutli-coloured patterns,

Greaser Wash

An overdyed dark denim from Edwin Jeans with a waxy feel that disappears with washing.

High Def

Levi's grainy and dark denim with no fading or creasing for a smart and more formal look.

High Rise

High rise jeans have a high waistband which sits on or just below the natural waist.


A ridged patterning that can appear behind the knees of jeans when worn-in and an effect which can be added to jeans at the time of manufacture to produce a well-worn look.


A Levi's denim with a mid-blue hue which has been stone washed, distressed and creased to create a used look.

Into the Horizon

A mildly distressed dark blue denim from Levi's with a slightly worn-in look.


The term jacquard refers to a process in weaving where the individual warp threads can be independently raised to allow the creation of more complex patterns.

Lone Star

This is a dark blue denim by Levi's with a distressed wash, fading to the front, creased pockets and light abrasion to the back.

Low Rise

A style of jeans which are cut so that the waistband sits low on the hips and well below the natural waist and naval.


Marlon is a very refined dark indigo grainy denim from Levi's which has been washed only once and is ideal for a smart, more formal look.

Midnight Oil

As you might expect Midnight Oil is a dark indigo blue denim from Levi's that has received a light washing to give a slightly worn appearance.

Mid Rise

Mid rise jeans have a waistband which sits higher than in low rise styles but still well below the natural waist.

Moody Monday

Moody Monday is a mid-grey denim from Levi's that is distressed to give vintage appeal and a worn-in look.


Rigid denims will develop ridges to the upper portions with wear. These ridges emanate from the crotch and spread outwards horizontally and have the appearance of a moustache. The effect can be added to jeans at the time of manufacture.

Muddy Water

A beautifully rich indigo overdyed denim from Levi's with a light stone rinse and some scraping which produces a lightly worn-in look.

Organic Denim

Denim fashioned from organically grown cotton which is cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which damage the environment.

Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts are traditionally fashioned from a heritage cotton fabric named after Oxford University. This fabric boasts the Oxford weave pattern formed by a basket weave with two yarns woven lengthwise against a heavier crosswise yarn or vice versa. The shirts can also be made from synthentic fabrics and often have a button down collar.


Paisley is a very distinctive fabric pattern of Persian origin featuring a droplet shaped motif. The design got its name from the Scottish town which was a centre of textile production where the fabric was produced in volume.


A pale blue denim from Levi's with heavy distressing to give a vintage, worn-in look.

Philly Belt

A medium sized leather belt with a decorative square metal buckle.


Pique is a weaving style, usually with cotton yarn, which features rasied parallel cords.

Raw Denim

Denim which is left unwashed and untreated after dying resulting in a rigid fabric that requires considerable wearing in. Raw denim can also be known as dry denim and many experts recommend that raw denim jeans are worn for at least six months before they get their first wash.


This is a solid dark denim by Levi's that is perfect for a more formal look.


A permanent metal fastening added to jeans for the purpose of reinforcement in high stress areas and where there are multiple layers of fabric. Rivets were first added to jeans by Levi Strauss at the suggestion of a local tailor and are considered to be an attractive feature as well as serving a practical purpose.

Selvedge Denim

A highly prized denim that is woven on a shuttle loom, a more traditional production method, which produces a narrower fabric but one with finished edges that do not fray. Jeans fashioned from selvedge denim have crisply finished interior seams and so jeans fashioned from this form of denim are often worn turned up at the ankle to show off those seams.

Shawl Collar

The shawl collar is a rolled collar and lapel in one piece that curves fown from the back of the neck to the front closure of the garment.


Skinny jeans are tight fitting with narrow legs that cling all the way to the ankle.

Slim Fit

A relatively clingy fitting jean which is not quite as tight or narrow in the leg as a skinny fit. The exact nature of a slim fit varies between brands.


The snapback is an adjustable flat brimmed baseball cap.


Squint is a mid-blue denim from Wrangler with subtle distressing for an authentic worn-in look.


Stonewashed denim has been washed in a drum with stones which pummel the fabric to create a worn-in appearance. The process also softens the fabric and increases its flexibility.


Straight cut jeans have legs which are straight from the top of the thigh to the ankle and so cling a little to the thighs but are loose on the lower leg.


Jeans with a tapered fit have straight legs from the top of thigh to the knee and then narrow towards the ankle. The precise nature of the fit will vary between brands.


A tessellation of a flat surface, including fabric, is the creation of a pattern using geometric shapes.


This is an abbreviation of the Nudie Jeans slogan "the naked truth about denim" which features on many of the Nudie Jeans styles.


A solid overdyed indigo blue denim from Levi's with no fading or creases. This fabric has raw denim looks but a more relaxed feel.


A woven fabric with a distinctive pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Because of the structure of the cloth, twill textiles are more durable and water resistant than plain-weave fabrics but are also generally softer and drape very well.


A deliberate fading at the hip, crotch and back of the knees to give jeans a worn look.

Wonder Year

A mid-blue stone washed denim from Wrangler with a lightly worn-in look but no distressing or creasing.

Worn In Pepper

A dark blue denim by Nudie Jeans which has been heavily washed and whiskered to create an all over worn-in look.

Worn Once Replacement

The clue is in the name! This is a rinsed indigo denim from Levi's with the colour depth of raw denim but a softer feel like jeans that have been worn once.