How to fold your jeans

How to Fold Your Jeans in Less Than One Second

Dragon's Den is always a good watch, especially when the feisty Dragons are infuriated by one of the would-be entrepreneurs. Whilst watching a recent episode, I was amused to hear a very tetchy Peter Jones accuse an inventor of having solved a problem that doesn't exist.

The same could be said of a Serbian chap who calls himself Life Hacker. He has developed a method for folding jeans in less than a second. You will not be surprised to hear that he has made a video of his amazing technique.

Note that the original video has been removed from YouTube for copyright violation, the video above is a re-post.

Clearly this man has far too much time on his hands! So much time that he would never need to avail himself of his own folding technique.

The dexterity of his knee flick is admittedly quite impressive but how many lives have been seriously impacted by the time spent folding jeans? Clearly plenty of denim fans still have enough spare time available to watch pointless videos because the Serb's demonstration went viral.

Quick and Easy

The truth is that jeans are not difficult to fold. At least in comparison to a silk shirt, for instance. The robust nature of denim means that jeans tend fall into line and stay there. They don't slip and slide all over the place and, unless they are made for an octopus, there are only two legs to deal with.

One often hears disturbing statistics illustrating just how much time is wasted during the average lifetime on certain activities. We all spend the equivalent of several months or even years queuing or trying to find a parking space. But I have never heard anyone bemoaning the weeks that they have spent folding their Levi's or the endurance test that is tidying away their Wranglers.


Perhaps it is time to think about the portion of our lives which is thrown away watching random YouTube videos of obsessive Serbs.


Jeans are quick and easy to fold but that doesn't explain why so many pairs end up slung over chair backs or thrown on floors. We live busy lives in a world in which convenience is highly valued and so perhaps even a few seconds spent folding is a few seconds too many. Life Hacker may be on to something after all!

Retail Chaos

Life Hacker's slick jeans folding routine might prove useful in the retail environment. How many stores have you visited where the carefully arranged displays look like a tsunami has hit them by the end of the day? Shoppers repeatedly unfold the jeans to check them out and then just toss them back down again. To be fair to them, in certain stores which shall remain nameless, shoppers may not be able to see where to put the clothing after they have finished with it due to the atmospheric lighting!


Shop assistants spend most of their day trying to restore order to all that chaos and probably suffer from repetitive strain injuries by the end of their first week in the job.


So does Life Hacker have a point? Well no, not really. The mess created by shoppers in stores would be best solved utilising another innovation. One which has already been invented. It is called a coat hanger.

What do you think? Is speed folding the new black or is it enough to make you see red?